This is what we are going to do: we are going to make our customers feel about their home the way our owners feel about us!
Kitchens and Molding

Kitchens can be greatly enhanced by the molding you choose.
Kitchens and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathroom renovations can go the whole gamut from very costly, i.e., a total gut job, to various options of how much you actually want to remodel depending on your budget. We will work with you on your kitchens and bathroom budget, give you kitchens and bathroom ideas and possibilities so that your end result is a kitchen and/or bathroom that you will love

 We service the Queens and Manhattan areas of New York City. Our email address is  kaandkacc@yahoo.com. We provide free estimates. If you leave a message and brief job need on our answering machine @ 347-848-0535, we will get back to you the same evening!
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They say man's best friend is his dog.  In the same way, your home's best friend when it comes to home improvement and design is Kary and Karbiner Contracting Corp.

We work with your ideas, both artistic and practical, offering choices and innovations from our own 40 years of experience, to give a finished result that will provide the sanctuary you deserve.

Our goal is to create an intimate living space that you will appreciate for years to come.

Some of the ways in which we can accomplish the right look for you include:


Kitchens can either be totally gutted and redone from scratch, or kitchens can be simply face-lifted, i.e., replace the doors and handles, paint the stiles and rails that are the frame work for the doors, etc., replace the old counter top and sink, and voila!  You have a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of the total gut job.


The bathroom also can be either a total gut job, or you can keep your bathroom costs down by concentrating on new sink and vanity, new toilet, new window treatments, painting, and maybe even upgrading your shower door.

            .    faux  painting
            .    ceramic tile installation;
            .    laminate wood flooring;
            .    installation of interior lights;
            .    trim molding; picture rail molding, and chair rail molding
            .    crown molding;
            .    creating or installing pocket doors to maximize space or to allow for larger
                 access to a room;
            .    installing French doors, to add beauty and sophistication;
            .    building cabinetry/bookcases for either a stand-out look or to match an
                 existing decor; or
            .    create an archway between two rooms to reflect a beautiful entrance.    


We also do exterior work such as adding a new exterior door to create a brand new look for the entrance to a home.  We do garden work as well, such as creating arbors or building a composite deck or a beautiful garden gazebo.

Just think of the possibilities to add beauty and charm to any home or room!!!

Kitchen Remodeling

We do complete renovations of kitchens and the bathroom. Sitting  with the customer going over all the design and layout possibilities, supplying the customer with various optional  to scale drawings. From basic inception to finished reality we are with you 100% of the way. This same attentiveness to the job also applies to bathroom renovation, and all other aspects of interior remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling
Jobbing out and sub contractors?  We don't do it. We are on the job site ourselves every day from the very beginning to the last day of the completed project!
Home Remodeling
Just pulling off all your old molding, replacing them or adding new molding, for instance, adding crown molding, picture rail molding, chair rail molding and decorative base molding can quickly enhance the room. Painting is another part of the puzzle.  Painting all your molding and walls the same color does nothing to enhance the beauty of a room. The painting scheme of most rooms should be, first, background color, two-tone, if possible, and white ceilings, and, second, highlight painting or painted molding. Another effective painting trick is to use a contrasting color chosen from either your furniture or drapery and applying that color to an opposing wall. Painting alone,  by using well chosen painting colors, and applying artful painting techniques, can renovate your kitchens and bathroom at an absolute minimal cost.


We are a fully licensed and insured Home Improvement Company, and a member of the Better Business Bureau .
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